The Parish Council have been asked to share the details of this meeting. Any queries, should be directed to the Environment Authority or Coal Authority using the details below.


COOMBE COMMUNITY HALL. 6 June 2019. 1.30 -7.00pm.

Mine water pollution near Coombe 

Monitoring by the Environment Agency shows that up to 14 km of the Coombe Stream, Gwindra Stream and upper River Fal are polluted by the metals cadmium and zinc from historic metal mining. The Environment Agency have identified a culvert which drains the disused mine workings north of Dowgas as the main source of these polluting metals. This discharges to the Coombe Stream and treatment of this mine water would reduce pollution of these rivers.

The Environment Agency is working in partnership with the Coal Authority and the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) to clean up the polluting legacy of abandoned mines across England. This programme is intended to help deliver a cleaner healthier environment for people and wildlife.

A scheme to treat this mine water discharge is being developed by the Coal Authority and Environment Agency to help deliver the South West River Basin Management Plan (

Representatives from the Environment Agency and the Coal Authority will be there to explain the details of the national programme, the proposed treatment scheme for the Coombe mine water and to answer your questions.   For any questions now, please contact

Liz Bellamy, the Environment Agency.

Jeremy Regan, the Coal Authority.