The Parish Council have received the following email: Any queries should be directed to Rebecca Dickson.

Dear All,

I am taking this opportunity to write to all Parish Councils within East Cornwall to bring you up to date with developments in relation to volunteering with CORMAC. The Community Partnership Officers are mounting a campaign this year to promote and develop our volunteer programme and we would really value your help.

We know that there are lots of individuals and volunteer groups that are doing fantastic work in local communities throughout the County. Some of these are undoubtedly working on Cornwall Council assets, whether that be the village green, Council owned local space, or just the verges and open spaces around your villages and towns.

It’s wonderful that these works, which really add value to the lives of those who benefit, are going on, and we would really like the opportunity to link up with the groups and offer our help and support. We hold a “celebration of volunteering” event once a year, and again would like to make sure that every person who has done work in connection with Cornwall Council assets has the opportunity to come along and take part.

So if you know of any volunteering activities that are going on, please do get in touch and we can ensure that everyone’s efforts are supported and appreciated.


Alternatively, you may be thinking of setting up a volunteer event or group in order to deal with a local issue within your parish. If this is the case then again, please do get in touch as there are various levels of support and service that we can offer (with the proviso that the proposal must be linked to a Cornwall Council asset).


Finally, just a reminder that the CORMAC tool trailer is available to any community group that wishes to use it. The trailer comes complete with horticultural type tools and equipment and is delivered and collected free of charge (flyer attached).


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like any more information and thank you for your time.


Kind regards,



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Rebecca Dickson BEng CEng FIHE

Community Partnership Officer (East)


Please note that I work part time.


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Tel: 0300 1234 222



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