At the Full Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 3rd January 2018, the Parish Council considered the future of the Former Sunday School building, also known as the Church Rooms, and its associated land in Nanpean.

It was agreed that St Stephen in Brannel Parish Council will manage the outside area as a public, free of charge, short stay car-park and, subject to planning, create a second entrance/exit to help with the flow of traffic, especially at school drop off and pick up times. In addition, 2 sets of large wooden solid gates will be installed at the section by the double entrance to Nanpean cemetery so that this area can be closed off for funerals or Council works when required.

It was further agreed that a section to the left of the building will be converted into a crib hut for staff working in Nanpean cemetery. In addition, further space will remain under the remit of the Parish Council to be used as a community lounge/room and an additional or future Parish Council office.

The results of the on-line poll were announced. Participants had been asked to agree or disagree with the following statement –

“I support the conversion of the Former Sunday School, Nanpean into a convenience store with community rooms”

The paper voting slips had been added on-line giving a total of 436 votes and the result was as follows-

Agree             402 votes                   92.2%

Disagree        34 votes                     7.8%

During the on-line poll, a number of comments were submitted via the Parish Council website. There was a repeating query on the consideration of other offers. To date, the Parish Council has not received any other offers.

Members discussed this query at length and it was agreed that, whilst the convenience store had been heavily supported, the opportunity for other offers to be submitted should be given.

Therefore, the Parish Council are now asking for any other offers to be put forward to lease the main section of the building. Any offer submitted must be for a community facility and be supported by a full business plan that includes proof of sustainability plus financial backing. Furthermore, the offer will have to cover internal refurbishments, change of use planning fees and utility connection costs.

If you are interested in submitting an offer, the information needs to be put in writing to the Clerk by 12 noon on Wednesday 7th February 2018.

If you have any queries regarding this matter or wish to view the interior of the building, please contact the Clerk on or 01726823003.