May 19th, 2022

St Stephen-in-Brannel Parish Council plays an active part in all local planning issues. It is probably the area of the Council’s role that is best known to the community and which can be of the most importance. If you wish to view current Planning Applications in detail or comment on them, click the Application No. link for the relevant application.

App No. Location Proposal Status

Brannel School, Rectory Road, St Stephen

Proposed development for a new classroom and staff building.

SSPC: Support

The Old Rectory, Rectory Road, St Stephen

Works to trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO), works include T1 Beech tree: crown raise of limbs to balance the tree and give it better shape. Also remove elongated limbs going towards neighbouring property and over garage. Removal of T2 ash tree showing signs of dieback bordering neighbours property. Removal of limbs of T3 ash tree threatening to power cables.

SSPC: Support as no objections

40 Currian Road, Nanpean

Resubmission of PA22/00575 for the construction of a new dwelling.

SSPC: Support as no objections

Hay House, Road Through Hay, Hay, St Stephen

2 storey extension to provide granny flat and office; single story extension at rear to provide utility room, conversion of garage to lounge and provision of stores; removal of lean-to structure to provide new porch and garden; provision of external insulation and solar panels.

SSPC: Support as no objections

Land Within Curtilage Of The Squirrels, Barton Road, Treviscoe

Outline planning permission for the demolition of existing double garage and erection of new dwelling with all matters reserved.

SSPC: Support as no objections

Land West Of Mill House, Terras Road, St Stephen

Demolition of existing store building and erection of terrace of four dwellings.

SSPC: Object

Land East of Captains Cottage, Goudges Lane, Whitemoor

Construction of a new dwelling.

SSPC: Support as no objection

Land South East Of High Street Methodist Chapel, High Street

Reserved matters application for the construction of three dwellings (Details following outline consent PA18/02374 dated 22/03/2019)

SSPC: No objection

Spar Villas, Little Treviscoe

Proposed dwelling to land adjacent to 2 Spar Villas.

SSPC: Object

Land At Plendra, School Hill, Lanjeth, High Street

Proposed detached Garage and Annex for approved dwelling (Plot 5) approved
under PA21/01231.

SSPC: Object

Manor Farm Solar Park, Burngullow Lane, High Street

Proposed partial change of use of land from agriculture to a combined
agriculture and solar energy production use. The proposed solar farm consisting of the erection of solar arrays, equipment housing, fencing and ancillary development. (The site will continue to be used for agricultural purposes (grazing) with variation of condition 17 of decision notice PA11/00670 dated 14/04/2014.

SSPC: No objection

Treetops Farm, Trelyon, Grampound Road

Proposed replacement of mobile home (approved application PA17/11311) and construction of live/work unit in association with existing equestrian business.

SSPC: Support as no objections

Foxhole Learning Academy Goverseth Road Foxhole

Creation of 330m looped cycle track on playing field.

SSPC: Support as no objection

Land South of Fernleigh, Terrace, Drinnick Road, Nanpean

Proposed commercial building for the storage and distribution of garden buildings.

SSPC: Support as no objections

Land North West Of The Cottage, North Road, Whitemoor

Modification of Section 106 in respect of decision notice PA19/10631 to vary
percentage of open market value.

SSPC: No objection on the understanding the deed of modification includes the points raised by the Affordable Housing Team

St Austell China Clay Area ROMP

EIA Scoping Opinion Request for St Austell China Clay Area ROMP

SSPC: Support any of the technical consultees in their request for what they would expect to see in the EIA

Land South of Stepaside, Stepaside, St Stephen

Residential development of 9 affordable homes and associated works.

SSPC: Object