Your Future. Your Say. Your Neighbourhood Development Plan

We need your help to shape the future of St Stephen in Brannel

Do you have views and ideas about how our community should be maintained and developed over years to come? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

The St Stephen in Brannel Neighbourhood Development Plan is nearing completion and will provide us all with an important planning framework for guiding the future development, regeneration and conservation of our area. Collated over the last few years by a committed band of local volunteers, it will become a key part of the statutory development plan for the Parish, far outweighing other local legal documents and will need to be considered by decision makers at all levels of the planning process.

However, as a community-led project we want to ensure everyone’s views are represented and are now urgently seeking additional thoughts and aspirations for our seven villages from those who live and work within the St Stephen in Brannel Parish.

‘To recognise and respect the distinctive characteristics of the Parish community, including its individual villages and settlements, whilst also providing for the future success and ambitions of all who reside within it.’

With an overarching focus on ensuring the well-being of our community for years to come, the Plan will set out how we can support the above vision for maintaining and building on the distinctive characteristics of our seven different villages.

  • Covering the key areas of
  • Design
  • Housing & Community Infrastructure
  • Business, Employment & Parish Infrastructure
  • Environmental and Historic Environment

the Plan will map out how we want to see the future use of land and development in the area, as well as look at the provision of new facilities and allocation of key sites for specific kinds of development. It will also document the community’s views on how we can positively address any social, economic and environmental issues that may impact our community in the future.

This is a very important document for our area and the Steering Group behind its collation are therefore keen to ensure it conveys the personality of our community, gives context to the role we’ve played in the Clay Country’s history and acknowledges our overall contribution to Cornwall’s evolution. However, it’s where we go from here that’s really key and the Steering Group would love to gather as many comments and thoughts as possible about our aspirations for St Stephen in Brannel.

Similar to the public consultation events we’ve held in the past, we’d normally be holding some local events to showcase the Plan’s progress so far and to provide you with the opportunity to share your thoughts. However the current COVID-19 restrictions mean such events are not allowed so please could you let us have any thoughts by emailing either or posting or leaving them with the team at the Parish Council offices in St Stephen. All ideas, big or small, are valid and welcome.