Neighbourhood Development Plan – Your Parish, Your Plan, Your Chance to have a Say


Neighbourhood Planning is a government initiative, introduced by The Localism Act 2011. It gives communities the opportunity to have a say in how they see development taking place in their area.

Written in consultation with the Parish, our Neighbourhood Plan (NDP) will include policies to influence that development. These policies will be created locally, reflecting locally gathered evidence, and will embrace local views, concerns and aspirations. Collectively, they will identify how good development will be delivered within the designated area ie through design as well as any future impact on the environment and the Parish’s infrastructure.

Once our NDP has been made, and approved, it will become an integral part of the planning system and is a ‘material consideration’ for planning applications. Our Plan will also conform and support the Cornwall Local Plan, the overarching planning document for the county.

This video explains more about Neighbourhood Development Plans – it was created by Locality, which funds and supports communities to deliver their NDPs.

Neighbourhood Development Plan – Your Parish, Your Plan, Your Chance To Have A Say

Proposals are coming together for a series of consultation activities to provide everyone living and working within the Parish of St Stephen in Brannel with the chance to have their say in the creation of our Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).
Despite COVID, the Steering Group, tasked by the Parish Council to collate the thoughts and ideas for our Plan, have carried on meeting virtually and have actually made significant progress in getting it ready for submission. However, what the Group now needs is to share the Plan’s themes and objectives with the community so that it can capture everyone’s thinking and add any additional points before it looks for Cornwall Council’s review and approval.

A schedule of consultation activities is therefore being drawn up to take place late August to enable people to view the scope of the Plan so far and add any comments. It is hoped that this will include a series of face-to-face events (adhering to Government COVID guidance at that time) plus the launch of an online portal which everyone who is interested will be encouraged to sign-up to.

Councillor Kim Wonnacott, Chair of the NDP Steering Group, says: “It’s imperative that we give everyone the chance to have their say and although many of us are happy to use the internet, we equally realise that some may not have access, so we are deliberately building a schedule which gives the chance to meet face-to-face or receive a hard copy as well.”

The online portal, which is being launched in partnership with Go Collaborate, a Falmouth University team who are working with a range of different Parish Councils to help them complete their Plans, should be live by the end of August and the Steering Group are keen to hear from local organisations who may be planning events during the month to see if the Plan can be shared at these alongside it going online. If you are planning an event and would be happy for the Steering Group to be there in some form too, please do contact the NDP Steering Group administrator Julie Fairman on or call the Parish Council office.

7th July 2021

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Progressing our Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council’s appointed Steering Group are nearing the end of developing the NDP for the Parish of St Stephen in Brannel.

Our Steering Group

The St Stephen in Brannel NDP Steering Group is made up of a committed group of Parish Councillors and local residents who are keen to ensure that local views and considerations are taken into account when it comes to future development within the Parish.

Despite COVID, the Steering Group has continued to meet to develop our draft NDP. In fact, the Group met fortnightly for much of lockdown so lots of progress has been made over the last year ready to once more consult with the Parish and ensure views are listened to and absorbed into the draft where applicable.

If you are new to the Parish or just fancy getting involved to help us complete the NDP, please do get in touch with the Steering Group Administrator on or contact the Parish Office.

Progress to date

  • After careful consideration, we decided our ‘designated area’ will be the whole Parish of St Stephen in Brannel.
  • We held a series of display events at locations around the Parish giving everyone the chance to offer comments and to volunteer to get involved.
  • We organised an Open Evening, inviting residents throughout the Parish to hear more about the process behind an NDP.
  • From this initial engagement our NDP Steering Group was formed.
  • We circulated an initial consultation questionnaire to all residents. The replies we received helped us to concentrate on the key topic areas for shaping the basis of the NDP. You can see these questionnaires by clicking on the questionnaires button on the right.
  • We drafted a Vision for future development within the Parish and a set of Objectives which support this.
  • We have begun drafting Policies which respond to our overall Objectives
  • We have identified Proposed Development Boundaries for our eight village settlements within the Parish.
  • With lockdown now over, we are now keen to share our work to date, get feedback on our Vision, Objectives and Proposed Development Boundaries, and more importantly, gather more valuable feedback from the community through a second round of consultation.

 Second round of Consultation

Although COVID restrictions are easing, we believe it is right to conduct as much of our second round of consultation online. To achieve this as effectively as possible we have partnered with Go Collaborate, a team from Falmouth University who’s mission is to help Steering Groups such as ourselves to get better, more representative engagement on plans that will ultimately aid in building better, more sustainable places to live for those who call it home.

Over the next consultation is due to take place this Autumn and there will be posters displayed around the villages as well as leaflets to all residents advising how everyone can access the Go Collaborate online platform to have your say. To access the online consultation click HERE. Do also check out the Parish Council Facebook Group to follow links to the online platform. 

We will be operating a Telephone Helpline to provide assistance on completing the online survey. If you would like help accessing the online platform please call 01726 821233.

 What happens next

Findings from the next round of consultation will help us to finalise our draft NDP.

When our draft NDP is ready, it has been approved by a Planning Inspector and there will be a public referendum in which our residents can vote to adopt the Plan.

A majority vote is needed for the adoption.

As the NDP progresses, we will continue to update this page.

2nd September 2021

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First round Consultation Questionnaire

You can download & view the questionnaire that was distributed to residents in the Parish.

What is a Development Boundary?

A Development Boundary is a line that is drawn on a plan around a village to show where further development will, in principle, be acceptable, subject to the usual planning regulations, and could benefit the overall sustainability of the settlement.

By defining Development Boundaries for individual settlements, by default, the area outside of the boundary is recognised for the purposes of planning policy as countryside, where new development will be limited and strictly controlled.

Exceptions may be made for development comprising 100% affordable housing to meet local need

Welcome to GoCollaborate

A ground breaking digital platform which is transforming how communities and generations can work together to deliver better, more sustainable places to live.

Designed specifically to consult on Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs), our tailor-made, easy to use, information rich, web platform gives the whole community the opportunity to come together to form a vision for the place they live and then to work together to deliver it.