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Eglosstefan yn Branel


One Parish Council - Seven Villages


Eglosstefan yn Branel


An Historic Clay Mining District


Eglosstefan yn Branel


In The Heart Of Cornwall


Eglosstefan yn Branel


Over 750 Years Of History


Eglosstefan yn Branel


Welcome to our Parish Council website

St Stephen-in-Brannel (Eglosstefan yn Branel) is a civil parish and village in Cornwall. The Parish is on the southern edge of Cornwall’s china clay district.

The Parish Council serves the villages of Coombe, Foxhole, High Street-Lanjeth, Nanpean, St Stephen, Treviscoe and Whitemoor.

We hope this website answers any queries you may have. However if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Council Office or one of the Councillors.

One Parish Council – Seven Villages

Latest News

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We have just received the following email.  If you have any queries, please contact Natalie Chard.   Dear All, We are writing to inform you that tomorrow our insurers, will be carrying out independent testing of the high pressure steam safety valves. These tests...

Pollution from Abandoned Metal Mines

Please click HERE for information from The Coal Authority, who are working with the Environment Agency and Defra, to tackle the problem of pollution from Abandoned Metal Mines. Any queries should be directed to Craig Smith at The Coal...