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Eglosstefan yn Branel


One Parish Council - Seven Villages


Eglosstefan yn Branel


An Historic Clay Mining District


Eglosstefan yn Branel


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Eglosstefan yn Branel


Over 750 Years Of History


Eglosstefan yn Branel


Welcome to our Parish Council website

St Stephen-in-Brannel (Eglosstefan yn Branel) is a civil parish and village in Cornwall. The Parish is on the southern edge of Cornwall’s china clay district.

The Parish Council serves the villages of Coombe, Foxhole, High Street-Lanjeth, Nanpean, St Stephen, Treviscoe and Whitemoor.

We hope this website answers any queries you may have. However if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Council Office or one of the Councillors.

One Parish Council – Seven Villages

Latest News

St Stephen in Brannel Neighbourhood Plan

As from 19th March 2018, over 3000 surveys will be delivered to every household across the Parish. The survey is the first round of community engagement which will be used as evidence to create the St Stephen in Brannel Neighbourhood Plan. A neighbourhood plan allows...

CERC operational update

The Parish Council have received the following update - Further to the previous email of 09 March, we will be bringing line two back into operation on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, which again involves gradually heating the line until it reaches the required...